Whose Approval Ya Looking For?

1 Corinthians 7:7b But each has his own gift from God, one of one kind and one of another. [1]

We all have giftings and abilities…graces and talents that God has given us. Some of us are skilled with art supplies, or home décor or a camera of some kind. Maybe we can sing or dance or act or organize like no one’s business. We might be a poet or song writer, or we may have the ability to influence with our words or what-have-ya. Well…I could go on all day listing talents and gifts that reside in people. Wow! God has been good to all of mankind!

It’s evident that God is a gift giver and loves to lavish fun and useful things on His kids. He loves to adorn us with these attributes that set us apart and make us unique. Think about that! You are unique because God has made you that way. You are not like anyone else. This is a good thing!

God also gives us gifts to honor, exalt and praise Him. When we use our particular giftedness to bring glory to His love, greatness and wisdom, I believe God absolutely beams over us, like a proud Dad! 

Sometimes, a person’s talents and abilities gain the applause and adoration of other people. It can turn into worship. We’ve seen this take place over and over in the music industry, for example. However, one human worshiping another human is too much for the human soul.  The one who is worshiped craves more and more worship, eventually being destroyed by their own addiction to the approval and praise of another human.  

The truth about the applause and praise of people is that it will never satisfy the human heart. Only the approval and acceptance of God can satisfy and—quite honestly—satiate the human soul…it’s how we are made. And only God has the capacity to receive the praise, honor and glory from mankind. It’s who He is.  

So, in all of YOUR various giftedness, I encourage you to not take too seriously the praise of people to validate who you are, and the talents God has given. And don’t take too seriously the LACK of praise from people, either, when it doesn’t happen. 

BUT…seriously, honor God with those talents, look to Him for the approval and encouragement you need! He’ll affirm you in ways that fill your heart. God’s love and affirmation is like a continual feast. He TOTALLY satisfies us!

- Pastor Robie Ecklund

[1] The Holy Bible: English Standard Version. 2016 (1 Co 7:7). Wheaton: Standard Bible Society.

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